Sunday, November 8, 2015

FLORAL SUNSET F/W 2015 Collection

And today is the turn of the Floral Sunset the last of the colour way.
At Sunset the last rays of the sun reflect on the Autumn flowers giving them a warm color, this is the inspiration behind the Floral Sunset, a collection of five floral designs, that you can find on a variety of products and fabric in my different shops

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Last week I introduced the Floral collection for the Fall/Winter 2015, today I present you the second color way of this collection in tones that reminds us of the changing color of meadows in the fall.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I would like to introduce to you Floral Misty one of the color ways that I will be introducing the following weeks.It belongs from this F/W floral collection, a collection inspired by the meadows, the sunsets and the misty from those early fall days.A feminine print of scattered flowers.
In the first early mornings of Fall the flowers awake misty.The inspiration behind of the Floral Misty Collection.A floral collection with a romantic touch.
You can find a variety of products at my shops, from fabric to apparel

Floral Misty products

Friday, April 17, 2015


I have great news to share, my Nama Collection was again chosen to be in a publication.
I never thought when I was creating the nama collection, that would bring me so many surprises and so much joy, I'm very grateful too.

Spoonflower has introduced the new Cotton lawn fabric a lightweight and buttery soft, 100% combed-cotton fabric.
Two of the patterns were used to create a beautiful tunic.

You can take a look to the complete Flickr album where you can find my design along other great designs.

 A video introducing the cotton lawn fabric-lovely designs - I love the dress!!

Here is the description of the cotton law at Spoonflower .
Our lawn is a lightweight and buttery soft, 100% combed-cotton fabric. Its slightly translucent quality and soft drape make it perfect for delicate home decor and lightweight apparel, while its pleasant hand lends itself to quilting projects. Produced with our Ultra-Color technology, the printed fabric offers vibrant color and strong wash durability. 

• 42" wide printable area (107 cm)
• 2.3 oz per square yard
• Thread count: 100 x 95
• Estimated shrinkage: 4% length, 4% width
• Appropriate for quilting, dresses, blouses, kids’ clothes, curtains, napkins, placemats, and pillows.

Wash separately in cool or warm water on a gentle/delicate cycle. Machine dry on a low temperature setting. Spoonflower recommends washing before use with phosphate free detergent. 

 And here are the links to buy the Nama Collection fabric in case you want to work on new projects or recreate the beautiful tunic, perfect for this coming summer.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello everyone,
Here are the links for the downloads of April's calendar , you can find them for desktop , ipad and smartphone.



 All images, patterns and designs © 2015Mayacoa, only to download for your own personal use you may not reproduce 
or sell in any way.Thank you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I Just realised that a month has passed  and I haven't been active on my blog, I will try during the week to update with the latest news and art work.

But until then here's this month free calendar download, for desktop, ipad and phone.
Is been a cold winter and can't wait for the flowers to bloom and start officially Spring, in this design I used the motives from a pattern design collection that I'm working on.
(Follow the links to download the files)





All images, patterns and designs © 2015Mayacoa, only to download for your own personal use you may not reproduce or sell in any way.Thank you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Here's the design for the month of February,  a sweet delicate floral  pattern to embellish your computer or phone with a handy calendar on it.
You can download it for free at the following links

Desktop and smartphone wallpaper

Detail of the pattern@mayacoa2015

All images, patterns and designs © 2015Mayacoa, only to download for your own personal use you may not reproduce or sell in any way.Thank you.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

El Costurero Magazine features Al vuelo! and Nama

Last month I got a beautiful surprise, El Costurero magazine noticed two of my fabrics through my Spanish's shop at Estampable, and choose them to be featured in an article for their new issue .

El costurero Magazine 6 issue
El costurero magazine is an Arts & crafts Spanish magazine , inside the pages of this beautiful magazine you can find cool and modern projects from sewing to Knitting, with a modern look and the latest trends .

The article with the two designs , teaches you how to create a chemise in two versions (long a short)  inspired  by the 1920s style.
The long chemise was created using my design Al vuelo!
El costurero magazine
El costurero magazine
And my design Nama III, from the Nama Collection was used for the short version of the chemise

Al vuelo!
Definitely will be a beautiful project to create for the Spring/Summer.
You can buy the magazine at their online store and the printable sewing patterns are included via download.

Nama III

Is been great to see for the first time my fabric's designs featured in a magazine , it's a great feeling, and when is featured in a beautiful magazine like El costurero magazine..well there's no words to describe how I felt, best Christmas present.

You can buy this two fabrics at my Estampable and Spoonflower shops.
Al vuelo! comes in five pastel color combinations and Nama is a collection of five coordinates.

Al vuelo! Collection
Nama Collection
All images, patterns and designs © 2015Mayacoa, you may not reproduce or sell in any way.Thank you.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Penguin Colony made the Top 10 designs of Spoonflower Contest

I decided at the start of this new year to be more active in participating on the different design contests that they're held by different companies.
It is a good exercise to practice different topics, topics that maybe wouldn't cross my mind to design and to work on projects for different markets (apparel, fabric, stationary, etc..), also is a good way to  get exposure for your work and the best part is to connect with fellow designers and share the process.
Once a week Spoonflower holds a design contest built around different themes and approachesis always fun and inspiring to see how the designers interpret the topic and how creative they are.
This was my first contest entry of the year and the challenge was Penguins.
It was an an opportunity to create a pattern design with an animal theme  (my first!) definitely  a good stretch for me, lately is been all about designing florals so i needed to step out of my comfort zone.
It was fun to design the penguins I had a wonderful time and the final repeat remind me of a penguin colony.

Penguin colony by Mayacoa©

Was a surprise after the week's voting that my design made it into the top 10 designs of the contest.
 I was jumping in joy to see that my design was voted and liked by the spoonflower's community and it was a good start to the world of competitions.
Being in the top ten gives you the courage and inspiration to keep participating  is a great feeling but my main purpose this year with participating in the competitions is to get knowledge, learn and build my portfolio..and if a win or get into the top ten again..well that's good too :).

The top 10 designs of the contest

Finished project by a Spoonflower's customer, looks great!

Penguin Colony fabric at my Spoonflower shop

All images, patterns and designs © 2015Mayacoa, you may not reproduce or sell in any way.Thank you.
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Falling Leaves Collection

Falling Leaves Collection is a collection of five floral coordinating patterns, in three color ways , Golden , Amber and Crisp.
I was inspired by the falling leaves and the different Autumn colors that I found on the parks or the side walk in the city.

You can take a look in more detail of the collection at my Behance portfolio.

Falling Leaves Golden

Falling Leaves Amber

Falling Leaves Crisp
The designs can be used on a variety of products such as soft furnishings, homewares, surface and fashion.These designs are available for licensing.

Friday, January 2, 2015


This New year I have decided to create some desktop calendars for you to download for free monthly, I will be sharing different designs,illustrations or patterns, they will be inspired by the month or the patterns that I'm working on, it will be available to download for Desktop, ipad and phone background, feel free to share it and use it.
January I was inspired by the color of the wood and the snowflakes.
 A simple wallpaper design that will enhance your desktop,with functional visible month.
Enjoy! :)

Links to download |Links para descargar

All images, patterns and designs © 2015Mayacoa, only to download for your own personal use you may not reproduce or sell in any way.Thank you.