Sunday, September 21, 2014

Designing surface patterns from scratch blog tour.

Hello and welcome! To my stop on the designing surface patterns from scratch blog tour by bonnie christine at going home to roost. Don’t forget to check yesterday’s blog by Harriet’s HiddenBlog and tomorrow's Shimmerskys Handmade Items.

Last month I found out about Bonnie Christine’s course on Creative Live about Designing Surface Patterns from Scratch and I participate in the live class, It came at the right time and the following days were filled with many aha moments!.

Before taking the course, I was very limited on my creative process from how to create technical repeat patterns to how to use illustrator to create artwork.
Bonnie's class was great, she is a great inspirational and technical teacher and taught us how to get inspiration, create mood boards and sketches , how to work on illustrator to create artwork and the process of creating technical repeat patterns.
So after I took the course on a beautiful Sunday morning, camera in hand I went to the French romantic park that's near my home and took pictures of the flowers, the blue sky, the park, and was lucky to find a full bloom Magnolia.
Back at home I created my mood board and the color palette from the pictures.

The I started creating the process based on Bonnie's teachings in how to create artwork from photographs in Illustrator and then creating the  technical repeating patterns.

I created a collection with the main  pattern using the different flowers and the I created four coordinates to go with.

I'm very happy about the result and is all thanks to Bonnie's Christine Design surface pattern from scratch course.
I will be using this collection as a part of my portfolio and on my society6 and my spoonflower shop in a different home products and fabrics.
After this learning experience I'm looking forward to creating more collections  based of what I have learned.

Bonnie has offered a free month’s membership to her Roost Tribe to all the readers! So make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and start enjoying the benefits of this membership.