Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I Just realised that a month has passed  and I haven't been active on my blog, I will try during the week to update with the latest news and art work.

But until then here's this month free calendar download, for desktop, ipad and phone.
Is been a cold winter and can't wait for the flowers to bloom and start officially Spring, in this design I used the motives from a pattern design collection that I'm working on.
(Follow the links to download the files)

Desktop: http://bit.ly/Mayacoamarchdesktop

Ipad: http://bit.ly/mayacoamarchipad

Iphone: http://bit.ly/mayacoamarchphone


All images, patterns and designs © 2015Mayacoa, only to download for your own personal use you may not reproduce or sell in any way.Thank you.

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