Friday, May 30, 2014

Saturday at the flower market-Weekly Illustration

This week's illustration is inspired by those days, mostly on a Saturday morning that we love to spend  at the flower or Farmer's market.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Just want to share today a publication by "The Art and business of Surface Design"

MOYO is the world's first online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design. It is brought to you by the creators of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design - the definitive guide to becoming a surface pattern designer. 
 This is publication number 6, you can take a look or download previous publications at their Issuu account.
I love to read Moyo magazine, is a great publication for people that creates or likes the world of textile and surface design.
Take a look!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Must see Henri Matisse: The cut-outs at the Tate Modern.

© Succession H. Matisse / DACS 2014

Must see! if you're in London this summer, don't miss this one time exhibition to see together 130 of Henri Matisse Cut-outs including four blue nudes.
Henri Matisse: the cut-outs at the Tate Modern in London, will be open until September 7th and on June 3rd, will be a live broadcast into cinemas around the UK, showing the film “Matisse Live from the Tate Modern”, a behind the scenes view of the exhibition.
In 1941, after having Colon cancer surgery Matisse was confined to a wheelchair. No longer able to paint, he developed a new technique of cutting shapes from sheets of painted paper.
“The cut out was not a renunciation of painting and sculpture: he called it “painting with scissors.” Matisse said, "Only what I created after the illness constitutes my real self: free, liberated.” Moreover, experimentation with cut-outs offered Matisse innumerable opportunities to fashion a new, aesthetically pleasing environment: "You see as I am obliged to remain often in bed because of the state of my health, I have made a little garden all around me where I can walk...  There are leaves, fruits, a bird."(from
Matisse is one of my favorite artists and has been a very big influence in my art. When I was an art student I attempted to do a similar cut-out work for an assignment without much luck , (I will share it on the next #TBT ;))
The beautiful colorfulness simplicity and emotion behind every cut-out makes this exhibition a must see exhibition.

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Field Illustration


"The great events of life often leave one unmoved; they pass out of consciousness, and, when thinks of them, become unreal. Even the scarlet flowers of passion seem to grow in the same meadow as the poppies of oblivion. " Oscar Wilde

This week illustration is inspired by the poppy fields that you can see in many places, specially in Spain.Lately I'm trying to be very simple in the illustration working with colors and less details.
Hope you like!
Spring Field by Mayacoa

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Arbia Collection- S/S14 Pattern/textile Collection

Here's the Arbia collection, one of the pattern/ textile collections that I designed for this S/S 2014.
This beautiful floral design is inspired by flowers that I photographed at Parc G├╝ell in Barcelona.

It comes in five colorways (nude, placid, green, blossom, tropical).
You can find the textile design at my Spoonflower shop, and you can find on different surface designs at my Bespo Shop and Society6.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Illustrator of the month - Meet Pascal Campion


Illustrations by Pascal Campion

It has been nearly impossible for me to decide which Illustrations to pick, this images represent a small fraction of the vast portfolio of this amazing artist, Pascal Campion is one of my favorite Illustrators, that inspires me every day to keep working and creating.
Pascal Campion is a French-American Illustrator and animator, residing in San Francisco, he studied narrative illustration at Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg, in France.
His personal use of color and perspective, and the way he creates stories and emotions in everyday life that resonates with us because they're very familiar,defines his work.
On his Facebook page, each day he shares a sketch of the day Illustration, visiting his page is a feast for the eyes and the soul and his discipline and commitment to create daily is something that I truly admire and inspires me.
You can check his work on his Facebook page, and you can take a look at the video link below of an interview to learn more about his creating process.
I hope you enjoy!