Friday, June 20, 2014

Artist spotlight -Elly Mackay


In love with the work of Elly Mackay.
This artist from Ontario, Canada combines illustration, photography and paper-craft to create worlds inside a paper theater
Her inspiration behind her work comes from her own childhood and her experience as a mother, and also by her fascination with Victorian curiosities and Zoetropes.
When I look at her work, it reminds me of Victorian and early 20th century Illustration, but it doesn't look vintage or dated, it has a contemporary and modern look.
And that's what I love about it, often times we look at vintage style illustrations and we don feel relate it to it on the contrary we feel detached, because it belongs to another era, but she's able to achieve the connection between the past and the present.
As Alice in wonderland, I would love to get inside those timeless worlds  to explore them and have an adventure.

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